Social media is changing the way we do things these days! As staffing and recruiting professionals, we have to be sure to stay on top of the game so we find the best candidates first. That means researching new cold-calling methods, or creating new templates that catch the eye, or it can mean looking into new avenues for methods you already use. We recently read an interesting article by Employee Benefit News; which touches on this fact as they discuss how social media has changed the job hunting landscape. Here are some interesting points we found in the article:

???? AtlasJobs (a talent engagement platform) found that about 92% of applicants abandon long-winded and tedious online applications! (They found that average applications take at least 51 clicks – which will mean losing out on great candidates.) Sometimes it can be better to cut out a few of the more repetitive tasks to ensure you cast a bigger net for candidates.

???? Research shows that about 80% of job seekers use social media, with about 73% of job seekers aged 18-34 finding their last job using it. This was a shocking statistic to us, and while data can be skewed based on who participated in the study these results should not be ignored! It is essential to consider the demographic you are targeting and analyzing what platforms hold more influence or power in those generations.

???? Having more thorough and personal engagements with leadership/hiring managers leads to more genuine connections and better matches. Achieving a better match is possible through staying up-to-date, as it will not only benefit a job seeker but also an employer. While an employer utilizes new tools for better reach, the job seeker is able to feel more comfortable in their search as they can use resources they are familiar with!

Overall, social media is an avenue that should be explored as more Gen Z professionals are entering the work force and social media becomes a larger part of society. While we are still newer to making us of social media as a tool we are not frightened by the prospect of a new avenue; rather, we are excited! New tools just means a farther reach and we thrive on connecting with candidates who are seeking to better their professional life.

Source Article: By Lee Hafner