At a glance

  • Fine tuning of position descriptions and requirements
  • Verification & prescreening of all candidates 
  • Thorough screening and personal interview of all candidates to be submitted
  • Skill assessments as required
  • E-Verify
  • Drug Screening (as requested)
  • Criminal background checks (as requested)
  • Assistance with onboarding new hires
  • Follow up with both clients and candidates to ensure long term retention

Steps to a Long-Term Hire

Conduct an in depth “Needs Analysis” to ensure that we fully understand YOUR company, YOUR CULTURE and YOUR management style. We must understand WHO you are looking for, what your candidate requirements are and the objectives you expect to accomplish as a result of filling the position so that we can identify your perfect hire. 

Assistance refining the job description and requirements to reflect necessary skills, relevant experience and demonstrated accomplishments required for one to be successful in this role.

Development of qualifying questions to determine whether potential candidates meet your specific performance requirements.

A comprehensive candidate search within our vast network, to target potential candidates.

A thorough one-on-one interview to assess candidate’s relevant experience, education, skillset, and interests. 

Presentation of qualified candidates to your hiring manager and coordination of interviews.

Interview preparation to ensure candidates and clients are prepared to make a decision immediately following a face-to-face interview. 

Debriefing of all parties after each interview to determine interest and fit, and to address any concerns that may have arisen during the course of the interview. 

Employment verification/reference checks.

Presentation of offers to candidates, thereby ensuring any candidate concerns are surfaced and resolved through our joint efforts. Our objective is the same as yours…close candidates on your position to start at an agreed upon time frame and at the compensation levels specified.

Drug testing, criminal background search and relocation assistance as requested. 

Assist selected candidates in professional and effective resignation of their current position and coaching on the repercussions of counteroffers. 

Employee “check-ins” to proactively address and resolve any issues of concern – ensuring employee retention. 

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