1. Turn your camera and microphone on!  The point of a zoom call is to “meet” you, not just hear you.
  2. Consider your background – what does your audience see?  Make sure your background is pleasing to the eye–free of clutter.  Good light is key but a window behind you will darker your image and make it hard to see you.  A plain wall behind you is ideal or you may download virtual zoom backgrounds.  We suggest a blurred background or one that is ‘business like’.  Stay away from palm trees, oceans and vacation views!  This is business – make it look like that!
  3. Consider the noise – what does your audience hear?  There should be no pets, no family members talking, no children crying, and no television sound.  If there is noise outside, close your windows!  Be sure to turn on ‘Do Not Disturb” on your cell phone so that calls, texts and emails do not interrupt the zoom call.
  4. What are you wearing?  Always dress professionally.  A suit is ideal, a shirt and tie, collared shirt, blazer or nice blouse is acceptable. A t-shirt is not appropriate!  Be cautious of your full attire.  Some interviewers will ask you to stand up so be prepared!
  5. Watch your posture.  Sit upright and face the camera at all times. Make sure you are not looking around or down at the camera.  If need be, raise your laptop or phone so that it is level with your eyes or slightly higher for a more flattering angle.
  6. Do not drink or eat during your zoom call.  Water is fine, if necessary, but constantly drinking can be a distraction.
  • Good lighting
  • Good camera angle
  • Good sound
  • Great SMILE and dress the part!